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Quality of life

Everybody seeks quality of life. 

The term “quality of life” can be interpreted in a wide variety of meanings. For some, it’s worth its weight in gold or some other means of monetary exchange. For others, it’s unmeasurable. This book was born out of a pursuit of our greatest wealth: physical and mental health.

Every body seeks quality of life.

Finding quality of life in the shape of physical fitness appears to be a daunting struggle in today’s society. Considering mankind’s mastery in developing technologies and controlling nature’s resources, it’s astonishing how many people are inept at cultivating their most precious asset, the body. The most dominant species on earth also seems to be the most flawed.


This book takes some obvious causes that have taken us off evolution’s course and offers feasible solutions to nudge us back on track. Forget the popular “back to basics” mantra and instead strengthen the foundations to build your dream house on. You already have the bricks, in the form of a heart beat, lungs and muscle, and Urban Oak’s base six will provide the mortar, leaving it to your imagination to draw up a blueprint.

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